OH Goodies!

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OH Goodies!LLC 

Home of the ORIGINAL 'Menehune Bar' and 'Oki's' (Okinawan Sweet Potato rolls) and others. 
Chef T & Anacel met in a restaurant kitchen in 1992 and realised there was something missing on Maui. They were living Upcountry and saw the locally farmed abundant produce available that was not being showcased for the gift to the Island that it was. An idea formed to start a bakery that would  
use as much of this resource as possible to share with their ohana. 

OH Goodies! was founded on Maui in 1994

Our artisan wholesale bakery specialises in vegetarian, vegan, and regional quality baked goods. 

We still make every effort to incorporate 
locally grown produce using no artificial additives. 
OH Goodies!  
encourages everyone to support local farmers by  attending
the Farmer's Markets near you.

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